Hello, my name is John.

Excuse the blurry image. I haven’t quite decided how public I should be.

I am a mechanical engineer by trade but have in recent years developed a fascination with Economics, Health and Christ.  Granted, Christ has been a life-long pursuit, with a few ‘less-passionate’ years in the past but I think that I’ve really started to mature in it after many years of slow foundation building.  More recent developments that have inspired my passion have been economics (wealth, business, investing, ways to better utilize wealth) and mental/physical health (philosophy, diet, exercise, history).  In fact, I spend most of my play money on such things.  I’m not big on stuff but I spend (waste?) plenty of money and time on newsletters and the like.

See, my hobby is reading & learning about the fundamentals that form the foundation for my life.  I feel that I’m getting that down pretty good and am not sure where I will go from there, but my writings here are an effort to continue that growth and to see where it leads.  In these past few years of study I have seriously neglected other interests of mine which I hope to get back into as time goes on and will hopefully write about here as well.  Especially with regards to my line of work; i.e. improving the material world around me through ingenuity and invention.  Though I could probably use more ingenuity in my life rather than the bureaucratic mess I find myself so easily entangled in.

Overall, I want to share my thoughts as I grow and learn so that others may benefit not from my supposed wisdom, but from the time that I have spent consuming a small bit of the vast array of material available.

To better make my point, I am going to borrow from an essay/speech by Leonard Read where I learned this historical factoid from more than four centuries ago about a Spanish saint, San Pedro of Alcantara who gave advice to the Count of Oropesa who had a passion to reform the world.

May your Lordship not torment yourself: there is a remedy for this deluge of crimes. Let us be, you and me, that which we should be. There will be two less souls to convert. Let each person behave thus: it is the most efficacious of reforms. The trouble is, that no one wants to correct himself and everyone meddles at correcting others: thus everything stays as is.

Thus, my goal here is not to correct anyone else, but to continue on my great journey of being “that which I should be” and allowing others to join in of their own volition in subjects that pertain to who they are.  I attempt to cover a wide range of topics here including:

  • Money, Money, Money – Probably the only time I quote Abba 😉
  • Sciente & Technology
  • General Productivity
  • Useful Applications (Like Anki)
  • Books (Reviews, quotes, sources …)
  • Security
  • History
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Religion (As a Christian this is a big part of overall Health and well-being)
  • Health (Lifestyles, food, diets, …)
  • and who knows what else!

As for personal stuff, feel free to ask questions if you are curious.  I look forward to striving ahead through life in the company of others; seeking to strengthen our minds, spirits, and relationships.  By all means, offer your knowledge as I am just one man.  I would greatly enjoy your company.


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