Why Happy People Cheat


This article is worth reading.   I do not condone cheating (of course), nor does the author.  But as proper humans, we are to empathize and to empathize it helps to try to understand why people make poor choices.

The real reason for saving this article and sharing is to keep in mind what traits is this particlular paragraph:

I often say to my patients that if they could bring into their marriage even one-tenth of the boldness, the playfulness, and the verve that they bring to their affair, their home life would feel quite different. Our creative imagination seems to be richer when it comes to our transgressions than to our commitments. Yet while I say this, I also think back to a poignant scene in the movie A Walk on the Moon. Diane Lane’s character has been having an affair with a free-spirited blouse salesman. Her teenage daughter asks, “You love [him] more than all of us?” “No,” the mother replies, but “sometimes it’s easier to be different with a different person.”

I want to learn to be different people – or really, to exercise all aspects of my personality – with one person, my wife.


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