Blue Ocean

Flying Colors: Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals), and Steve Morse (guitar)

The Introduction Song to Flying Colors, by Flying Colors is Blue Ocean.  I’ve pulled out a few excerpts and wanted to discuss them as they seem particularly relevant to me at this time.  Why at this time?  Well, it is simply that I want to have an effect on this world before I die.  Sure I’m young, but I’m already married and my first kid is on his or her way.  Time is screaming by and I don’t want to be left behind.

Take me…
Out where the river meets the sea
To the city made of glass
Where our emptiness is gone at last

I think it has some great vibes on how we, or maybe it’s just me, as humans want to be taken to utopia.  But not just any ol’ utopia.  The current world we live in is full of evil, stress, emotional pain, and separation.  We want – we scream – to be taken somewhere where “our emptiness is gone at last”.  But still, not just any utopia, one where we aren’t just without pain or sensation (as some mystics want), but we want to be with the opposite.  We WANT sensation, but to be fulfilled.  To be part of something greater, huge and taking an infinite amount of time to know.  I think that place where I want to be is “out where the river meets the sea”.

Take me…
To a world beyond our space and time
Under the crystal water sky
Where we never have to say goodbye
Blue ocean, take away my memory

Not only however do I want to be part of something greater, do I want to forget the pain in my past?  Not necessarily.  But maybe the pain I’ve caused others?  It sure would be nice to have that undone, as the pain I caused people certainly caused them to be undone a little as well.

Blue ocean, make it the way it’s gonna be
With your world in commotion
And your senses telling
There is so much more
And with every emotion
Your timeline’s screamin’
Running through the door

These last lines here is more of a “present world” sense.  The earlier lyrics talked about taking me away, to some far city, or a world beyond what we currently live in.  But now, these lyrics have changed.  Instead of taking me away its “make it the way”.  The world is in commotion, and everything I feel and see is telling me that there is so much more to this life, and to me.  I am so much more.  My emotions scream out that I am more than this lump of clay; yet time seems to go by fast, screamin’ fast, running out the door without me.  “Blue ocean, make it the way it’s gonna be”.  Don’t leave without me.


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