George MacDonald as collected by C.S. Lewis: Book Review

An Anthology: 365 MacDonald Quotes/Readings as selected by Lewis

I spent months reading this book.  Why?   It wasn’t that I was easily able to put it down and ignore it, no no.  It was because to read this book quickly is to miss it.  This book is meant to be read slowly; digested and each reading considered.  I read no more than 5 sections at a time, and generally on the bus to/from work.  That’s reading this book over 73 bus rides!

This book is an amazing collections of isolated sentences and paragraphs that impact straight to the mind and heart.  Imagine a list of short readings that condensed CS Lewis’ insight into a single book.  I don’t know if that could be done, but if it could be it would be intensely powerful.   I don’t know MacDonald’s writings very well yet, but I can imagine that Lewis condensed MacDonald into this book.  While I haven’t been rating books when I review them typically, this one is a 5 star.  One I recommend reading enough that I actually just purchased it for my father’s birthday last week.

As is tradition here, I plan on writing commentary on selections from the book.  However, given the nature of this book I am going to have a huge amount of writings coming from these.  I marked in the book about 1/5 of the readings (~70) and so have at least 70 comments to make regarding the readings.  Stay tuned for those.  That’s going to take a while!

To give you a taste of the insight available take a look at this single, powerful sentence on perfect prayer: “He who seeks the Father more than anything He can give, is likely to have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss.”  In reading the Preface from Lewis, apparently George had a near perfect relationship with his earthly father and never asked him for anything without receiving it.  That right there tells you what kind of man George was and while I’m not familiar with George, after reading this book I need to be.



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