We Were Born To Be Loved

But the Greatest of these is Love

I could shout from a rooftop how I really feel
Do you really want to know, do you really care

We were born to be loved

Do you really, do you really wanna know

Somebody said you must rise above it all
We were born to be loved

A big heart, lonely eyes
A child plays with toys to soon to realize
To stop playin take it all inside
All he wanted was love

A broken heart, a matter of fact
But he knows how to use it

And the Beatles said all you need is love

We were born to be loved

These lyrics – selectively chopped and shown above – are taken from a 1990’s song is called We Were Born To Be Loved.  The album – Faith Hope Love – is an amazing album, showing fantastic style and emotion.  This song in particular I was listening to the other day and thought “Are we really born to be loved? or are we born to Love?”.

God created humans because He loved us.  We were created to share in His love.  I love my children, even though my wife is still pregnant with our first.  But I loved them even before they were made and desire to bring them to life so that I may more fully love them.  So in that sense, we are often born to be loved.  Even if, like in the song, a child is born and not loved, that child was still born to be loved by Christ.  He is loved just as much as a child who was born to loving parents and God desired that child’s existence – his creation – more than I could ever express, let alone understand.

But there is also an addition to this.  Yes, we were born to be loved, but we are also born to love.  We are born into a human condition, a human trait, legacy or law, – call it what you will – that we are to love one another.  Christ commanded that we love everyone.  Our friends and family, our enemies, our neighbors, and God himself.  We were born not only to encompass God’s Love, but then to distribute it everywhere.  To Christians, to Muslims, to Whites and Blacks.

I fail miserably at this.  I am great at not hating everybody, but loving everybody?  Not so much.  Love is not just feeling, it’s action.  It is something sent, and received.  The child with lonely eyes, waiting to receive love breaks my heart.  Yet here I am, no where near him.  I am great at not hating everybody, but love?  There is a reason that God, in His perfection is described as being Love.   It is hard, it is difficult; but regardless, we were born to be loved and to love.  God give me Faith, Hope and Love.


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