For the Margin

This is the deeper meaning of marginal utility: that when society is free, even the most marginal among us need not be marginalized.
David Greenwald – In Defense of the Market’s Worst Producers

The above is one of the most meaningful sentences of Economic theory I have ever read.  It catches my mind and my heart in such a positive way.  It gives that faint glimpse of paradise that you can only really be seen through the heart.

That “even the most marginal among us need not be marginalized” is exactly why Economic theory is important to everyone, but in particular to Christians.  We as Christians have “Love one another” as our 2nd greatest commandment.  The first commandment deals with our relationship to God so it doesn’t necessarily apply to human relations.  The 2nd commandment deals with the entirety of our how interactions with people should be.  Love one another.  Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.  This is no easy task and can only be completed by individuals taking it to heart and putting it forth in their actions.

The article itself is well worth a read.  It tells a story about some of the worst producers in society, and how even they have a place from which to add to themselves and others around them.


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