Chris Martenson’s Crash Course

The above video is long, but it kept my interest quite strongly through all of it.  Having steeped myself in this stuff for a few years a different, or somewhat unique take to some of the same conclusions that I’ve had about how the world will change.  Chris is a simple and engaging speaker.  A much longer version of what he discusses in the video is in his book Crash Course and in his 3.5 hour long free education series available on his website –

Despite this being a Gold & Silver conference his speech is geared more towards energy and world growth.  Which is one of the reasons I really enjoyed the presentation – I’ve seen and read a lot about how Gold and Silver will do well as an investment due to the rapid monetary debasement that many see as a near term probability.  Chris makes the point that energy is really worth looking at, or rather energy use as we live in an exponential economy in a non-infinite world.  There are limits to the ability of the earth to sustain our energy production with our current technology and we are quickly approaching that limit without a new technology emerging.  Chris isn’t pessimistic about the world as he explains some of these issues; he’s a realist who sees a lot of future potential for mankind once we get past this abrupt transition.

Anyways, I found it to be worth the watch and hope you do as well.  I’d love to hear any further comments on his speech or the questions that followed it (which did deal a lot with precious metals).


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