Changing Education Paradigms

If you have never watched Ted Talks then you are missing out.  TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) talks are a select number of speeches and conferences that who’s goal is to spread “ideas worth spreading”.  Combine these interesting Ted Talks with White Board animation from RSA and you have short video/speech that is interesting visually & intellectually which will also help you remember facts and internalize the information you find important.

So check out the below speech/video by Sir Ken Robinson titled “Changing Education Paradigms”.  It discusses the failings of the educational status quo.  He doesn’t just discuss the failings, but discusses some interesting prospects for how we should be educating our kids and ourselves.

Stuff like this is critical to our expansion of our wealth and health.  It applies fiscally because as we are able to step outside the box for thinking, it opens up new ideas, new creative outlets.  There are a myriad of ways to make money in this world and you shouldn’t be satisfied with the single idea that you can come up with, especially when everyone else is doing it.

There are true needs in this world, and the only way to make true wealth is to satisfy as many of those needs as possible.  Break the molds, educate yourself and your kids; internalize the mindset of service to others for wealth, service to yourself for health.




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