On Dreaming

So I’ve talked about and been considering world view a bit lately and as that is a worthwhile subject I wanted to continue on it.  Today I’d like to bring in a few good quotes from Richard Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences, which I have previously reviewed.

Reason alone fails to justify itself. Not without cause has the devil been called a prince of lawyers, and not by accident are Shakespeare’s villains good reasoners. If the disposition is wrong, reason increases maleficence; if it is right, reason orders and furthers the good.


It must be apparent that logic depends upon the dream, and not the dream upon it.

Given that reason alone fails, and that our logic is dependent upon our dream what is given keen importance in the above words?  Our dreams, our disposition, our foundation of thinking.   I first discussed this a little bit in my Silver Corp article, which is with respect to investing.  But our foundation of thinking isn’t just about investing, it’s about shaping our entire world view.

I am not trying to, nor am I in the business of, shaping your world view.  That’s impossible for me to do, except maybe through brainwashing I suppose; but that can be highly immoral and not long lasting.  Especially as the world view we are advocating here is one of independence and upright thinking; I doubt one can be brainwashed into that as usually brainwashing is implied to be more of a servile state than independence of thought.  Either way, I side track.

These quotes from Ideas Have Consequences struck me when reading them.  For most of my life I have been a rational human being, and not only that but my personality heavily leans towards the reason and rationality side.  INTJ for those of you who know the Myers-Briggs personality types; engineers, researches, data lovers, fellow nerds, … As such, this struck me because it’s utterly true.  Reason can fail mightily when used by the wrong disposition, or when one’s dream is utterly false, inane, or evil.  This led me to question, what IS my disposition, what is my dream?

Disposition: A person’s inherent qualities of mind and character.   Whew, well hopefully I have a good disposition.  Like anyone in life, my goal is to better my life; but unlike everyone I realize that through the bettering of others I better myself more than I could by solely focusing on myself.  Am I special because of that?  Heaven forbid, I am utterly common in that.  Anyone who has ever run a successful business at least inwardly understands this; and there are a lot of successful businesses.  But there are some who in utter selfishness want only to better themselves and no one else; or to worsen the state of others so as their relative position will increase.  That is a disposition to be feared.  One would think this breed of disposition rare, but having seen the news lately; I’m not so sure.  That’s why it is important to understand your disposition, focus on it and realize where you are.


Neal Morse Testimony

A Good Depiction of Dreams and how they Pull you

Dreams:  What is your dream?  What is your vision?  For myself, my dreams are on liberty and God.  The thought of freedom pulls me towards righteousness.  The thought of God pulls me towards humility and trust.  Now, only on a rare good day am I remotely successful at the dreams.  But isn’t that what dreams are?  Always fleeting thoughts and feelings that drive you, that draw you towards them?  To attain a dream is to not have it be a dream anymore; at which point you probably have formulated other dreams that are drawing you.

In fact, the farther away the dream, the potentially better and stronger it is.  Sure I am free in many regards, but only in studying freedom have I found how truly unfree I am.  Sure I don’t sin as much as I used too, but only by dreaming of God and focusing on who He is have I found how truly far I am from being where I want to be in relation to Him.

To ignore your dreams is to keep them short term and unhealthy.  Like a pitiful man who only dreams of what pleasure he can seek the next day versus the teenage who determines he will be an integral part in some lofty goal (like fusion generation) and strives for decades to achieve it, and does.  Odd that by realizing and focusing on dreams they end up being refined into further, more perfect, less attainable goals.  The farther away it is, the more work it requires and thus the more will it takes to get there.

Dreaming isn’t easy and for the faint of heart;
but the logic of your life depends on how you dream.
Determine your dreams and work towards it.

What are your dreams and how are you currently working towards them?


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