Comparision of Pesticides on Fruits and Veggies

EWG 2011 Shoppers Guide
There is a website that produces a list containing 53 fruits and vegetables ranked by the amount of Pesticide Residue that is found on the fruit/veggie.  Now, why is this important?  Well, if you buy all organic fruits and vegetables, probably not of much use to you.  However, if you are like me and prefer to buy a mix of organic and non-organics this list gives you a good list of items to always buy organic and ones that don’t have to be.

For example, Number 1 on this list are Apples.  Number 53 on this list are Onions.  If you had to buy one organic item between the two you’d want to purchase organic apples because of it’s ultra high pesticide content.  Where-as the onion, well in terms of pesticides used there is little if any difference between organic and non-organic.  You’d just be paying more for no added benefit; unless the organic onion has health benefits over the non-organic due to specific fertilizer or something else that probably widely varies on organic farms.

Check it out

In my own life, I now always purchase organic celery due to this list (Ranked #2) and always purchase non-organic Broccoli (Ranked #28).   Those are two staples in my diet.  Other foods I buy less common but always buy organic are Lettuce and Spinach (Ranked #11 & #5).

As for WHY one would want to reduce pesticides, that will have to wait for another day.  At least for reasons besides the common opinion that if it kills or thwarts pests, I probably don’t want it in my digestive tract which is full of little critters.


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