Isaiah’s Job

Isaiah’s Job is an article written by Albert Jay Nock and can be found in full at the Mises Institute: here.  There is also an audio version of it available on their site.  It is an excellent article on the call of the Prophet that each of us have a bit of.

In brief summary, Isaiah’s job was not to preach to the masses of people who ridiculed him, nor to give them more evidence to ignore that would worsen their own future judgement.  Rather, it was to speak and minister to the Remnant, or those who will actually listen to Isaiah.  You can’t minister to people who disagree with you, nor is it rarely of any use to give someone your undesired opinion.  Any of us who have held a contradictory belief or met someone with one, knows how an undesired opinion is received; or rather ignored.

This article is important for a healthy and wealthy life because it is about influence and serving one another.  Don’t bother ministering to those that reject you, leave them to their own devices as God-willing, they will find their way; rather minister to the ones that you can have an effect on.  Wherever they are, whoever they are; whether they are your family, friends, or people you barely know through the internet.  This is one of the first posts posted on this blog because that is one of the primary reasons for this blog.  To reach out, and offer what I have to those who will receive.  I have yet to personally befriend someone who holds the same constellation of beliefs I have: on Christ, on Wealth, on Healthy living, on Economics, on a myriad of important life aspects.  Some come close in some regards, others in other regards.  Not to say that every one I know is wrong and I am so right – though my pride likes to think so but that’s a sign that I may be off – but rather; I know I am not alone in my search for the best life I can lead myself and my family in.

Unlike Elijah who cried out in the wilderness I do not think of myself as some sole Remant, but like him God helped me realize that while I am special, I’m not that special.  At the time when Elijah was distressing to the Lord his concerns that only he and he alone was left of the Remnant; God decided to instruct him that there were actually several thousand remaining – 7 thousand in fact – left in the remnant.  As Albert Nock points out in his article, that is sizable given the current population of the Jews at the time; in fact that’s practially 1% of the population.  Now, if that same ratio were to apply to the US, well that is a cool couple million!  I like those odds.

One of the purposes of this blog is to offer up my hobby of research and reflection to those that are willing to read.  Few will agree with me whole-heartedly, but again that isn’t the point.  The point is to simply offer and let those who have ears hear, let those who want to read, read.  I will be here offering what I can, and I expect you to offer yours.  Only in that do any of us every truly grow.


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